Product Manager

Valencia (Spain) | Remote | Fulltime

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Description of Duties

Business Management
▪ Establish and maintain relationships with the key business and technology stakeholders. Extend this to external stakeholders when vendor or partner/ecosystem relationships matter to product success.
▪ Perform (internal or external) customer research by means of including surveys, product analytics, market research, interviews, hackathons, online forums, or other cost-effective means of gaining insight into the “voice of the customer.” Use this insight to define the customer segments the product will target, to understand those customers’ goals, and how they would gain value from product capabilities.
▪ Perform competitive analysis on the alternatives that target customers might use, so as to understand what capabilities and qualities the product must have to attract customers away from those alternatives — and keep them satisfied.
▪ Facilitate and drive alignment among key stakeholders, supplying customer and market research and analytics to lead them to converge on a product strategy, vision and roadmap. This will help the business achieve its goals and objectives, according to a shared view of product priorities. Part of defining the roadmap is defining a release strategy, from early prototypes, through minimum viable product (MVP), to the first and subsequent releases. This is subject to frequent change as with any agile delivery process.
▪ Work within the product budget established in consultation with business sponsors and product-line management by balancing resources across customer and market research, competitive analysis, vision development, and prototyping, but primarily to sustain product teams to deliver and maintain the product.
▪ Bring the product to market by ensuring the firm is prepared to deliver and service the product throughout its life cycle. When serving internal customers, product managers should ensure that the organization is prepared to deliver and support the entire business capability (including all of its human, organizational, process and physical aspects, such as training for call-center agents).
▪ Continually monitor and refine the product while in market.

Product Delivery Management
▪ Act as the “keeper (and communicator) of the vision” to translate the product strategy and vision developed with business stakeholders into what the product team must bear in mind every day to ensure they are building the right product.
▪ Define the product roadmap based on business outcomes.
▪ Collaborate closely with product delivery teams. The product owner and Scrum Master on each team are primarily responsible for day-to day coordination of backlog priorities and allocation of work to the team, but the product manager should stay in regular contact (weekly or more often).
▪ Collaborate and coordinate with other product managers within the product line, to avoid duplication and manage dependencies. Product managers also assist interdependent teams in synchronizing their work so that, when trade-offs have to be made, they are made consistent with the product management team’s view of the overall priorities for the product line or platform.
▪ Coordinate with other stakeholders such as business, data and IT architects to align product and platform architectures and capabilities according to agreed goals for nonfunctional requirements.
▪ Collaborate and coordinate with innovation teams to manage the flow of new ideas and product capabilities into one or more product lines.

Job Requirements

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or business administration is preferred, but not required.

▪ Five to seven years (or more) of relevant experience in IT and business/industry or government.
▪ Three or more years in diverse roles and increasing responsibilities across business and IT, although a business-only career is acceptable if business roles included sufficient technology focus to equip the candidate to communicate effectively with delivery teams.
▪ Demonstrable experience of engaging executives and other stakeholders to support important business decisions.
▪ Demonstrable knowledge of the product management discipline, through assisting a more-senior product manager, or from interning in a product management organization while in college.
▪ Basic familiarity with the principles of design thinking, and lean and agile software delivery.
▪ More than three years working in or with lean and agile software delivery teams (preferred).
▪ More than three years working with design professionals, within a design thinking process, including as an assistant in the user experience design process (preferred).

Soft Skills:
▪ Excellent written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills.
▪ High degree of initiative, dependability and ability to work with little supervision.
▪ High level of personal integrity, as well as the ability to professionally handle confidential matters, and show an appropriate level of judgment and maturity.
▪ Ability to deliver quality results
▪ Expert knowledge of English is required (Oral and Written).
▪ Knowledge of arabic, chinese, french, russian or spanish is a plus.