Penetration Tester

31.01.2022 Remote | Fulltime

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The Penetration Tester shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

Scope of Work / Duties of Consultant:

· Ability to question everything.

· Be creative, but above all remain ethical.

· Perform white, grey, and black box testing of applications and systems manually and with automation tools.

· Perform security code reviews.

· Plan Red Team exercises.

· Performs attacks emulating threat actors based on Threat Intelligence’s team data.

· Work in purple team operations to improve internal security.

· Execute security reviews and support threat modelling exercises.

· Work in tabletop exercises.

· Research into the newly released vulnerabilities and development of tools to exploit them.

· Develop and improve tools and documentation that can help accelerate the security assessment.

· Ability to gather the necessary information from the client to proceed with a security assessment.

· Ability to work with the clients and present advice and recommendations.

· Write security assessment reports, including executive summary, map security score and attribute the possible impact, present remediation instructions that are easy to follow.

· Possess outstanding skills in communicating complex technical issues and in providing comprehensive written, oral and/or digital products (including document organization and technical writing).

· Work both independently and in a collaborative team environment to meet required schedules and timelines.

· Comply with all corporate and departmental privacy and data security policies and practices.

· Provide other ad hoc support as required.

· Penetration testing work might be required to be performed on weekends or after business hours, and it will be compensated with business working days off

Required technical skills:

The resource MUST have the following skills and experience:

· Possess penetration test certifications (Offensive Security, eLearnSecurity, SANS)

· Experience with web application penetration testing.

· Experience with APIs penetration testing.

· Knowledge of penetration testing commercial and open source tools.

· Knowledge and experience with attack simulation, vulnerability management and application testing using automated and manual tools.

The resource SHOULD have the following skills and experience:

· Developed or customized penetration test open source tools.

· Have tested its skills on platforms like Hack The Box.

· Experience with mobile application penetration testing

· Experience with automated application security tools to perform static and dynamic tests.

· Intermediate knowledge of Python, Bash and PowerShell.

· Basic knowledge of programming languages.

· Basic knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle.

· Foster security education and training to administrators and developers.

· Knowledge of threat modelling and risk assessment techniques.

· Familiarity with API Security, Container Security, AWS Cloud Security, Azure DevOps.

· Comprehension in the security areas of Key Management Systems, Certificate Management, Encryption, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Security and Monitoring tools, etc

Required Soft Skills:

· Attention to detail.

· Be ethical, respecting the rules of engagement and privacy.

· Maturity on dealing with findings.

· Strong teamwork and communication skills.

· Customer facing experience and oral communication skills.

· Ability to write documentation & reports.

· Creativity/ability to find innovative solutions.

· Willingness to learn on the job.

· Conflict management & cooperation.

Desirable certifications:

· Bachelor’s in computer security

Teleworking option:


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